Rock in River Festival

PA Stone Skipping Championship

Saturday, August 20, 2016

11 AM-4 PM

Riverfront Park

Directions & Parking Locations

Rules & Registration [Fill out & bring with you.]

The River Festival will include music, crafts, food, boat rides, rock painting for the children, a chicken barbecue and lots of fun! Join us at Riverfront Park overlooking the confluence of French Creek and the beautiful Allegheny River. Watch amateurs and professionals, including 2015 PA Stone Skipping Champion Kurt "Mountain Man" Steiner and 2010 National Champion and Guinness World Record Holder, Russ Byars, compete for the state championship of skipping stones across the water. Children may compete in Gerplunking. Kayak demos provided by "O.A.R.S." For more information, please e-mail Ronnie Beith, or 814.437.1619 x 1.

2015 PA Stone Skipping Champion Kurt "Mountain Man" Steiner

2014 World Record Video - 88 skips!

2015 RR Steiner Throwing



Rock Skipper

Would you believe me
If I said rocks can fly?
And Walk on water?
It is no lie.

It is all in the wrist
With help from the eye.
Set just the right angle
And let the rock fly!

Across the water
It will skip and slide
And with help from you
Make it to the other side.

So have faith my friend-
And just give it a try.
Pick your rocks carefully,
You'll find one that can fly!

T.L. Needham ยท 01.12.07

Click play to watch the "Rock in River" promotional video