Wastewater Network

The Wastewater Network maintains the sanitary sewer conveyance system. The system consists of both sanitary and storm water flows and the Sewage Lift Station. There are 27 miles of roads with the City that have at least one sewer line under them, approximately 350 manholes and 700 catch basins. The lift station conveys sewages under pressure to a gravity sewer system. Responsibilities include:

  • Maintains, cleans, and inspects sanitary lines, storm lines, and catch basins using three pieces of equipment:
    • A sewer jet vacuum combination that removes debris from sanitary lines, storm lines, and catch basins.
    • A trailer-mounted power rodder that cleans storm and sanitary lines inaccessible to the sewer jet
    • A video camera system that performs internal visual inspections of the system.
  • Operates and maintains the lift station

Jeff Hawke, Wastewater Network Supervisor