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The Finance Department manages and documents the movement of all City funds and investments. Responsibilities include:

  • Manages City funds and investments
  • Processes utility bills and payments.
  • Processes accounts receivable and payable
  • Provides financial information to the City Manager and City Council.
  • Manages the Curb Market

Water, Sewer, Garbage

Utility billing is done in two classifications: residential and commercial.

Residential - Monthly billing includes water, sewer and garbage/recycling. The flat rate is $38.00 for water, $48.62 for sewer and $14.80 for garbage and recycling. Bills are mailed out the last business day of the month for that month’s service; always payable on the 20th of each month. If the 20th falls on a weekend, payments are accepted on the following Monday without penalty.

Residential for Rocky Grove is a monthly bill for water only. It is a flat rate at the current charge of $38.00.

Commercial - The water meters are read quarterly and billed according to the amount of water used. Sewage is based on water usage. The current base rate, with usage up to 22,000 gallons for water & sewer, is $274.18. The flat commercial rate with no meters is $40.57.

Our policy for rental properties is that all utility bills must be sent to the property owner. If the tenant is purchasing the property by article of agreement, a notarized copy must be filed with the finance department allowing the purchaser to receive the utility bill.

If purchasing a home or a business, an application form for water must be completed in the finance office. There is no charge or deposit fee required to complete the application.

Payments may be made through the 15th of each month at Northwest Savings Bank, Galaxy Federal Credit Union, First National Bank of PA, First United National Bank, or Clarion County Community Bank; by mail; or at City Hall. There is also a night deposit available at the front entrance of City Hall on 13th Street. The City offers a service called “Electronic Fund Transfer” allowing your utility bill to be deducted from your checking or savings account on the 15th of each month. This service is provided free of charge. All that is needed is for you to complete the required form and attach a voided check. Forms are available in the Finance Department.

City Now Accepting Credit Card PaymentsFlyer

The City of Franklin will begin accepting payments by credit card beginning Thursday, September 22, 2016. Visa, Mastercard and Discover Cards will be accepted for payments of water/sewer and garbage bills, parking tickets, permit fees and so forth made at City Hall. The only exception will be payment of municipal property taxes, which City residents will continue to pay via mail to First National Bank in Hermitage. Payments made with debit/credit cards will be processed as credit cards.

Those using credit cards for payments to the City will see two lines for the transaction on their credit card statements – one indicating the amount paid to the City and the other reflecting the service fee associated with the processing of the payment. The service fee will be assessed by the credit card processor, not the City.

The processing fee will be $2.50 for charges of $84.60 or less, or 2.95 percent for charges greater than $84.60.

The City will also accept payments via e-check. That payment option will include an additional $2 service fee, and those paying by e-check will be required to provide the number of their checking/savings account and routing number.

Garbage service is provided once a week and must be placed at curbside the night before the scheduled pickup. Arrangements for backdoor service can be made by contacting the City’s contractor, Tri-County Industries at 1-800-457-8202. Garbage Restrictions

Recycling is mandatory for all City residents. The recycled materials are collected City-wide on Wednesday and should be placed at curbside on Tuesday night in the recycling cart provided to each property. Recycling Information

If you have any questions about garbage or recycling or your scheduled pickup days, you can direct them to the Finance Department at (814) 437-1922 Monday through Friday 8:00AM – 4:30PM.

Harmony Motter, Finance Director
Phone: 814-437-1922