Property Maintenance Codes


Property Maintenance Code Enforcement protects the health, welfare and safety of our citizens by actively preventing deterioration in our communities. Maintenance of our housing, buildings, buildings and neighborhoods makes the City of Franklin the best place to raise families and work productively.

Objective of Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Officers is to achieve code compliance in our neighborhoods by exposing property maintenance violations of substandard structures, blighted properties,improper signage, hazardous or unsafe conditions, and nuisances that pose a threat to the safety or sanitary conditions and quality of our neighborhoods.

International Property Maintenance Codes 2015 On-line

Franklin Property Maintenance Code - Download

Violations may be reported online, by phone (814-437-1430 x 128) or be exposed by regular target inspections and roaming by Code Enforcement Officers.

Code Enforcement Officer:

Charles R. Gibbons, BCO
430 Thirteenth Street
Franklin, PA 16323
(814) 437-1430 x 128